Honeycomb Panel Packaging, Boxes, Crates, Separators



Honeycomb Panels are the leading paper-based packaging solution. Honeycomb Panel packages have been developed for the safe transportation of your products and are especially preferred for export shipments.

Honeycomb Panel Packaging Systems are preferred by various industries due to their lightness, high performance and eco-friendly protective packaging features.


Honeycomb Panel Boxes

  • Can be produced optionally as assembled or disassembled.
  • Suitable for reuse. A 100% recyclable product.
  • Cheaper and lighter than plywood, plastic, metal and similar equivalent boxes.
Honeycomb Panel Boxes



Honeycomb Panel Pallet

Honeycomb panel pallets and their components offer a superior combination of strength and lightweight compared to wooden and other pallet systems. They have the quality and performance needed to reduce overall shipping costs and increase profitability. They have the best quality and performance needed to reduce general freight costs and to increase profitability.

  • Their components and tops are 60% lighter than wooden alternatives, providing ergonomic benefits and reducing freight costs.
  • Due to honeycomb panel structure, their carrying capacity is high.
Honeycomb Panel Pallets